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Jennifer Aniston’s fiancé ‘miserable’ in home

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux have reportedly delayed their wedding because he’s “miserable” in Los Angeles and wants to move back to his native East Coast.

The couple have been engaged for ten months.

Justin is said to be “miserable” living in Southern California and wants to relocate to New York City.

“Justin has really tried to like living in Los Angeles, but he just doesn’t,” a source close to the situation told Radar Online. “It’s not his vibe, he loves the energy and grittiness of New York City.

“He actually jokingly complains about the weather in LA, he doesn’t think it’s natural for it to be sunny year round, and misses having actual seasons.”

Jennifer, a Los Angeles native, apparently dislikes his native East Coast.

In an effort to make her fiancé happy, the Friends star is said to have built a large guesthouse at her Bel Air mansion for him to relax in with his friends and play music.

“Jen has encouraged Justin to decorate it and use it however he wants,” the insider revealed. “He is appreciative of Jen’s efforts, but in the end, it still doesn’t change the fact the couple is living in LA.”

Apparently paparazzi have made it impossible for Jennifer to even consider returning to the East Coast.

The actress is said to feel much more relaxed in Los Angeles.

“She felt exposed and hounded by the paparazzi there. She bought several apartments in NYC, hoping to make it home for the couple, but in the end, her heart just wasn’t in it,” the source said.

Despite the disagreement, the source thinks the famous couple will still get married. It was previously reported the wedding would take place this summer in Jennifer's home, which is currently being renovated.

“Justin loves Jen, and doesn’t want this to be a deal breaker for the relationship,” the source said. “He is confident they can work through it.”

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