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Jennifer Garner ‘totally addicted to baseball’

Jennifer Garner claims her husband Ben Affleck has turned her into a sports fiend.

The 41-year-old Dallas Buyers Club actress is married to actor Ben Affleck, who is a major fan of sports.

And according to Jennifer, her husband’s passion for sporting games has infected everyone in the household.

"We're really a baseball house," she told People magazine.

"When I was first dating Ben, I'd never watched baseball. I didn't really care, I may say, about baseball.

"But if you watch three or four games in a row, you learn just enough to hook you in. And it's the same as a soap opera, right? If you watch three or four, you get just enough of a storyline to grab you, and that's why people are so into them.

"Now, I'm totally addicted to baseball.”

But when American football season kicks off in the latter months of the year, Jennifer says her family’s sports focus shifts immediately.

“Believe me, when the playoffs happen, it's all about Tom Brady, all the time," she shared.

"Now that I have kids, my husband will have the Patriots on, and I see what's happening. But I'm running around making sure that he can sit and watch calmly is really what's happening!"

The Hollywood stars have been married since 2005 and have three children together.

Ben has spoken extensively about how much his family means to him. In 2012 he admitted Jennifer is more hands on than him when it comes to the children.

"I am not very present in the rest of my life. My wife's very patient. She does everything," he told Details magazine.

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