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Thursday 17 April 2014

Jennifer Lawrence hopes to handle fame

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence is loath to slam drugs too much as she's sure many fallen stars did exactly that.

The actress began acting when she was 14 and immediately knew it was what she wanted to do with her life. She went on to receive an Oscar nomination for her role in Winter's Bone and stars in the eagerly-anticipated film adaptation of The Hunger Games.

The 21-year-old is adamant that fame will never get the better of her. Stars such as Whitney Houston and Heath Ledger struggled to deal with the limelight, but Jennifer hopes to be different.

"I can sit here and tell you till my face goes blue that I'm different and that I've got a good head on my shoulders and I grew up in a good family and I don't want to do drugs and I think the work is more important than the lifestyle. But I bet they said the same thing," she mused.

The Hunger Games is expected to be a huge movie. It is set in a world where children must fight to the death on TV, and she is portraying the lead character Katniss.

"When people are running around me, going, 'Do you want more water, do you want more tea?', it's not because I'm cool," Jennifer told British newspaper The Times. "It's because it's their job and because I was part of a movie that did really well. All this says nothing about me. This is an honest-to-goodness job. I'm lucky to be doing it. But, really, I'm nothing special."

The 2010 movie Winter's Bone was a smash with critics, with Jennifer praised for her performance as troubled youngster Ree. Shortly afterwards the star appeared scantily clad in a men's magazine, which shocked many.

She remains happy with her decision.

"At the time it was very difficult for people to see me as a woman, or sexy, or beautiful. I was just the Winter's Bone wilderness-type girl," she explained. "And so I did the Esquire shoot and it was a good career move. I never put myself out there and said, 'Yes, I'm going to fight for women's rights and be a feminist.' Yes, I love women, but I'm also an actor. And if my career is suffering because of something I'm going to fix it."

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