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Jennifer Lawrence: I'm being stalked

Jennifer Lawrence is "way past the autograph" stage, and onto the "stalking" phase ahead of the release of The Hunger Games.

The actress is starring as Katniss Everdeen in the highly-anticipated big screen adaptation of the popular Suzanne Collins novel.

Jennifer says life has significantly changed since landing the coveted role, and insists her newfound fame is something she's still getting used to.

"I get photographers hiding in my bushes. We're way past autographs. We're into being stalked and followed," she told MTV News.

"Everyone's been really nice fortunately. I mean, the movie's not out yet, so we'll see."

Jennifer recently sat down to watch the final cut of the Gary Ross-directed movie. The star is thrilled with how it has turned out.

"It was really good. It didn't surprise me, which was good. During filming, I really liked everything what I was seeing. I liked everything that Gary was doing. Then I saw it, and it was all there," she explained.

"It's always hard for me watching because I think I am a horrible troll and I'll never work again. Overall, I think everybody else in the movie is fantastic, and I think the film itself is really good."

The Hunger Games also stars Josh Hutcherson, Elizabeth Banks and Liam Hemsworth.

It is due for worldwide release later this month.

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