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Jennifer Lawrence: I'm digging through Jolie's garbage

Jennifer Lawrence says she knows she's made it because she now has Angelina Jolie's "leftovers."

The actress is starring alongside Bradley Cooper in upcoming movie Serena which was originally slated to have Angelina in the lead.

But Jennifer told MTV News that she is more than happy to jump into the role left by the Oscar winner.

"I'm not at the status where I have her roles," Jennifer explained. "I have her leftovers, let's be clear."

"She left it for me. I have her garbage. No, that's a wonderful place to be. I'm an actor digging through Angelina Jolie's garbage. I've made it."

Serena is about a couple in the Depression era who go through a challenging time when they find out the wife cannot have children and the future of their lumber company is in jeopardy.

Jennifer also stars alongside Bradley in movie The Silver Linings Playbook due out in November. This film depicts a man who tries to get his life back on track after spending several years in a mental institution.

The Hunger Games star joked that her increased fame means that she is now the main attraction in her movies with the "Sexiest Man Alive."

"I'm going to shoot another Bradley Cooper movie," she told MTV News about Serena. "Bradley Cooper is in the movie - it's a Jennifer Lawrence movie with Bradley in it. Bradley Cooper and I are going to come out with a Jennifer Lawrence/Bradley Cooper box set."

The Hunger Games opens on March 23.

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