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Jennifer Lawrence: I'm feeling movie pressure

Jennifer Lawrence has revealed that the pressure from The Hunger Games fans has made the process more "exciting."

The actress plays gutsy Katniss Everdeen in the hugely anticipated film and acknowledges that there is a responsibility to do justice to the film for lovers of the book.

Jennifer told Cover Media at the European premiere of the movie that she is embracing the high expectations being placed on the film.

"There is more pressure [to make a good movie], but it's more exciting," the starlet said.

But now that she is part of a massive movie franchise, Jennifer revealed that she is not turning her back on independent films.

"I'm still doing indies and I always will. If they don't hire me, I'll just make my own," she exclaimed.

Jennifer also revealed that the biggest challenge she faced on set was "learning to do stunts and act at the same time."

But she added that she loved playing the leading lady as she has a lot of sides to her personality.

"I was thrilled that the character I got to play had such substance and she's a good role model and an iconic character," she shared. "I really wish I saw more [of Katniss] in me, but it's really just physically.

The Hunger Games is released worldwide on March 23 2012.

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