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Jennifer Lawrence: My dad cried at beer scene

Jennifer Lawrence said the scene in Silver Linings Playbook where she "pops a Budweiser" with Robert De Niro moved her father to tears.

The actress joked about the first time her parents saw the movie with her, during which her father was overwhelmed with emotion.

Jennifer's performance has received a nomination for this year's best actress Oscar award, but she claimed it wasn't her acting brilliance that provoked her dad to cry, but her poignant drinking of his favourite beer with legendary actor Robert De Niro.

"My parents took me to see the film in Toronto and after my dad was crying, so rather than have a moment with him I took the opportunity to embarrass myself, by going 'Dad, oh my god you're crying!'" Jennifer explained to US talk show host Conan O'Brien.

"I swear it had nothing to do with my performance though. At the end [of Silver Linings Playbook] I have this monologue with Robert De Niro where I pop a Budweiser, and I think that's what did it. I know my father, and that moment I looked at him, and there he was crying. It's the king of beers! That's our beer, man. I remember on set I said, 'My dad's gonna cry when he sees me drinking this bud,' and he did. They are mostly proud of me drinking that beer. Did you hear that dad? I'm going to get some free bud now after saying this!"

Jennifer revealed that she is prone to embarrassing herself in family situations.

The 22-year-old actress shared how at the start of her career six years ago, she made a humiliating faux pas when she hyped up her first TV appearance to win more friends. Jennifer had a small role in the US series Monk, where she played a mascot dressed in a bear costume.

"Oh god that was fun but it was also tied to the most humiliating experience of my life," Jennifer confessed. "When I was younger we would go to church every Sunday when we moved to LA, my parents were like, 'Off you go, make some friends,' they had no idea what I'd do with that opportunity of friendship... So when I was in Monk, I thought they needed two girls to play Emily A and Emily C, and I thought I was going to be Emily C. So in church once, this girl said, 'I'm going to be in Monk as Emily J', so I said, 'Wow that's great I'm going to be Emily C'. Then I found out I wasn't going to be Emily C I was the mascot and I'd told everyone I was going to have this great huge part in Monk, then when they watched it, I was just the mascot... I've never been back to church since!"

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