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Jennifer Lawrence warns of movie violence

Jennifer Lawrence says there will be "blood, death and stabbing" in her movie The Hunger Games.

The 21-year-old actress plays heroine Katniss Everdeen in the upcoming post-apocalyptic adventure film. Jennifer was involved in several battle scenes as she plays a teenager who must fight other youngsters to the death on live television until only one remains.

Although these scenes may be difficult for some people to watch, Jennifer believes they are pivotal to the storyline.

"There's blood, death, stabbing, spears and arrows going into people," she confirmed to Total Film. "But you can have the impact of violence without being gory."

Jennifer previously received an Oscar nomination for her performance in bleak drama Winter's Bone. She has revealed her mother is closely involved with her decision making on movie roles.

Jennifer's mom convinced her to play Katniss after soothing her fears about accepting such a high-profile part.

"My mom has a terrible habit of reading books, telling me to read them and then me doing the movie - she did the same with Winter's Bone," she explained.

"I would love to be Katniss for years it was more the fear of how my own life could change

"I always got asked why I did indies, not studio films, and I said it was about the script, it's not about how big it is, and she was like, 'This is a script you love, a character you love, and you're about to turn it down because of the size of it? You're a hypocrite!'"

The Hunger Games is released in cinemas worldwide from next month.

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