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Jennifer Lopez: Divorce is difficult

Jennifer Lopez feels "really sad" about her split from estranged husband Marc Anthony.

The gorgeous singer-and-actress and crooner Marc decided to call their marriage quits last summer.

Although Jennifer has demonstrated considerable strength throughout the ordeal, the star admits that divorce is a rough process.

"Without going into detail it's just really, really sad," the star told the April issue of Vogue magazine. "And look, we are still going through it, and it's emotional sometimes and difficult. We're still friends - and we're parents. But it's going to take time. It's tough. But for the most part, I feel very proud of the way we're handling it. I really do. We are doing the best we can for [our two] kids."

Jennifer admits that she and Marc were always on two totally different paths.

"He's still [chain-smoking Newport cigarettes and drinking beer]! Look we are total opposites that way," she explained.

"I'm used to that from growing up where I did. The men kind of drink beer and smoke cigarettes, and women kind of like don't. But those things were not the issue so much. It became about something else."

Jennifer and Marc have appeared in a string of TV appearances since their break-up and have also co-starred as judges on reality show Q'Viva!

Jennifer believes that being gracious and civil in hard times is the best approach to take in such a situation.

"What you saw today, on [The Ellen DeGeneres Show], it's very dignified and trying to be above all the emotions and pain that come along with a divorce and a family breaking apart," she shared. "This is grown-up stuff. It's real, serious, grown-up stuff."

Jennifer has been dating 24-year-old dancer Casper Smart for since 2011.

She enjoys spending time with her new beau.

"He's adorable. But you already see that," Jennifer said. "He's a good egg. I don't want to talk about it too much. It's my private thing."

Jennifer's split from Marc will be her third divorce.

The pair share two-year-old twins Emme and Max together.

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