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Jennifer Lopez: Documentary is eye-opening

Jennifer Lopez’s upcoming documentary Jennifer Lopez: Her Life Her Journey will surprise some viewers with previously unknown details about her life.

The singer-and-actress will debut the project on America’s nuvoTV network later this week.

Jennifer is the company’s chief creative officer and she’s looking forward to sharing the film, entitled Jennifer Lopez: Her Life Her Journey.

“It’s gonna be, I think, full of a lot of little, interesting nuggets,” she told Access Hollywood.

Viewers may be surprised at just how open the star is on camera.

Even her closest friends and family were shocked at her revelations.

“The people who are involved with the actual special, who have known me my whole life basically… my family and people I’ve worked with from the very beginning, my producing partner, my manager - even when they watch the special they were like, ‘Wow, I didn’t know that about you,’” the star explained.

Jennifer discusses a range of eye-opening topics, including her bumpy journey to the top.

In one segment she talks about being forced to live at a dance studio and skipping university against her mother’s wishes.

“When my mother and I had the falling out, which we delve into in this special a little bit - and you can see more of that - I asked to stay at the studio,” she said.

“I was like, ‘I have nowhere to go. I’m homeless right now. Can I sleep on the couch?’ And that’s what I did. I slept there for months… I think I stayed there until I got my first job and left on tour as a dancer.”

The show will also look at some of her past romances.

Jennifer has been married to Marc Anthony, Cris Judd and Ojani Noa and was also engaged to Ben Affleck. She doesn’t mind being open about her love life.

“It talks about the relationships… because all of it’s intertwined, especially when you’re an artist,” she admitted.

“I think by the way, anybody in life, your personal life and your business life and the things that you do, it’s all kind of intertwined and one affects the other and the decisions that you make and you can’t tell the story - really tell the story - without going into those areas.”

Jennifer Lopez: Her Life Her Journey will premiere July 18.

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