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Jennifer Lopez 'felt great pregnant'

Jennifer Lopez was "happy the whole time" she was pregnant.

The actress stars in upcoming romantic comedy based on the best-selling manual What to Expect When You're Expecting with Brooklyn Decker and Cameron Diaz.

Jennifer, who is mother to four-year-old twins Max and Emme, has fond memories of her former pregnancy.

"My experience was more like [Brooklyn's character], which everybody is going to hate to hear," Jennifer told USA Today. "I wouldn't say I was glowing the whole time, but I was happy the whole time. Of course you have your difficult moments, but I didn't have all of the symptoms that a lot of people have. Like her, I was very athletic, I felt great, was on tour until I was 6½ months in. I didn't really get super-big until the last month."

Jennifer believes her maturity allowed her to relish her condition.

"And I realised, because I got pregnant not in my 20s but in my late 30s, it was something that I was aware of, how beautiful it was, and I was aware of how my body was changing, and I was aware of how lucky I was and how much of a miracle it is," she recalled.

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