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Jennifer Lopez learns to love herself

Jennifer Lopez says true love can be “wonderful, powerful and healing”.

(Cover) - EN Showbiz - Jennifer Lopez has learnt to love herself “unconditionally” since becoming a mother.

Despite establishing herself as a successful singer and actress, raising her seven-year-old twins Max and Emme has been the best boost for Jennifer’s self-confidence. In the new documentary Jennifer Lopez: Dance Again, the star reveals she looks at love differently and now says parenthood is responsible for her transformation.

“I understand what it is more in the sense of what unconditional love really feels like,” Jennifer told Britain’s The Metro newspaper. “Before you have kids you have an idea of what love is and then you realise it comes down to really loving and caring about yourself first and then being able to love everyone else. When you feel the love you have for a child, you feel that’s how I should feel about myself. I actually believe in it more now.”

The 46-year-old superstar has had her fair share of personal heartache, following highly-publicised splits from Marc Anthony, Ben Affleck and Puff Daddy. Despite currently being involved in an on-off romance with backing dancer Casper Smart, Jennifer remains optimistic when it comes to love.

“Just because I’ve had relationships that didn’t go as planned, it doesn’t mean that I think ‘Oh, God, love doesn’t exist,’” Jennifer explained. “No, it does exist and it really is something wonderful, powerful and healing. You just have to do it for yourself first.”

Jennifer has her fair share of vulnerable moments and has no qualms about exposing her softer side to the public during the documentary. The footage was shot during the star’s first world tour in 2012, which coincided with her dealing with the aftermath of her divorce from Marc.

While she may radiate confidence when she’s in the limelight, the star is often plagued by doubts and anxieties but does her best to tackle them head on.

“It’s about believing in your own value and your own self-worth,” Jennifer added to the publication. “I think that’s a struggle for most people, not just women. It’s really believing that you’re enough and you’re good enough. It was a very challenging year in my life when this documentary was made. I did a lot of soul searching and it was a journey. That’s why I’m glad we got it documented because I really grew.

“I realised I had to start valuing myself in different ways than before. I guess I never really did. You never give it a lot of thought and then you realise, ‘Wow, I’m not giving myself enough credit. I just beat myself up all the time.’”

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