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Jennifer Lopez rules out Idol return

Jennifer Lopez is "so excited" about her upcoming movie role, which means her return to American Idol would be impossible.

The singer revealed she has bagged an impressive part in a secret new film during a live radio appearance on American station Hot 99.5 FM yesterday.

Jennifer was handed a phone by a member of her team during the interview, which prompted her happy reaction to the news she'd beaten a host of others to win the mystery role.

"Really? Oh my God, how did that happen? I'm so excited, I'm so happy, oh my God I can't wait to work with her..." Jennifer said during her phone conversation. "That's going to be awesome. It's a small movie but it's a great role and a lot of people wanted it. And speaking of American Idol, it was a big risk to take it but also a big risk to move away from it and then I went on tour. So this feels like an affirmation of the fact it's ok to take risks. I got the part! Wow, and for a little actress like me!"

Jennifer is known for being a smart businesswoman as well as an entertainer. She knew taking her judge role on American Idol would be the right thing to do. The star has recently been the subject of speculation she could return to the series next season, but Jennifer put those rumours to rest by explaining her secret movie role means that cannot happen.

"It is a small movie role; it was never about the money for me. Going to Idol, that was the last crazy thing I did I think," she explained. "So many people tried to talk me out of it but I thought, 'No, I don't think it is.' The babies were just starting to walk and I thought they needed stability. It was a good thing for me and for them. Their dad was away on tour. I love music, I love talking about music and I love artists, I knew it would be a good thing. There are no plans to return to the show, this movie probably would interfere with the show as well, yes."

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