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Jennifer Love Hewitt: I feel 91

Jennifer Love Hewitt feels like Betty White as she's been acting for so long.

The 33-year-old star began her acting career as a child and rose to fame in Fox series Party of Five and the movie I Know What You Did Last Summer.

Jennifer appreciates her longevity in Hollywood, although she does feel old before her time. The brunette beauty has compared herself to 90-year-old actress Betty.

"I've worked really hard, so I think work gets work. I've always had respect for the business that I've been in. I've tried not to act too crazy or disrespect the opportunities that I have been given or the people that have believed in me. I also think some of it's just luck. I've been really blessed and I don't necessarily know what keeps one person here longer than somebody else, but I couldn't feel more grateful," she told Parade magazine.

"I'm only 33-years-old and I've been [acting] for 24 years. I feel like Betty White! I feel like I should be 91.

"It's so crazy. I work with people who are my age and they've been in LA for four years and I'm like, 'Oh, my God, I'm so old!' But I feel very lucky."

Jennifer is starring in drama series The Client List. The actress plays a single mother-of-two who finds extra work with a high-end prostitution service in Texas.

Jennifer thinks the risqué show is the perfect blend of reality and fantasy.

"Although we are being provocative and sort of pushing the envelope, we are also leaving a lot to the imagination. We do sort of walk right up to the line of inappropriate and then we cut out and I feel good about that. It's meant to be provocative and it's meant to be a fantasy," she said.

"Television is supposed to allow you to escape into other worlds and watch other people do things and forget about your life for a minute."

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