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Jenny McCarthy tries making others happy

Jenny McCarthy feels better about herself if she brightens up someone else’s day when she is feeling down.

The Playboy playmate, comedic television host and actress doesn’t sit and sulk when she’s going through a rough period.

Jenny gets proactive and attempts to brighten up someone else’s spirits.

The star detailed her selfless approach to joie de vivre in a new blog post for the Chicago Sun Times’ Splash magazine.

“The next time you are feeling stressed out, angry, nervous or just needing a little lift — try making others happy,” she suggested. “You’ll make a difference in two lives: yours, and the person you’re trying to positively influence.”

Jenny regularly attempts to pull herself out of a miserable slump by taking her own advice.

She truly believes that shifting attention to others gives her a more positive outlook.

“If you want to make yourself happy, try making someone else happy,” she instructed to readers. “It’s a little trick I’ve picked up along the way and it really does work!

“When you focus on others rather than yourself, you can create a ripple effect that touches the whole community and it can be quite rewarding.”

The star shared in a ten-point list of tips that she regularly dishes out compliments, shows her appreciation with thank you letters and will sometimes cause herself an inconvenience if it means someone else will be better off.

Jenny enjoys sharing good news and giving to those around her without expecting them to return the favour.

“Be especially happy for someone when they tell you their good news,” she advised.

The bubbly personality also thinks just being there for a friend or stranger is a great idea.

Taking the time to make sure someone feels heard is beneficial for all.

“Listen and remember. It’s the little details that count,” she remarked. “Show interest and truly pay attention to the person with whom you interact.”

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