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Jeremy Clarkson needed injection to perform

Jeremy Clarkson had to go to extreme lengths to make it onto stage during a live show in South Africa.

Jeremy Clarkson and James May drank so much the night before a live show they needed injections to be able to go on.

The former Top Gear stars left the famous motoring show earlier this year (15), after Jeremy was sacked following a fight with a producer. James and their other colleague Richard Hammond left in a show of unity with Jeremy, and the trio have since signed up for a new car programme with Amazon.

In the meantime they have been jetting around the world performing live shows, and it was before one in South Africa that their famous love of a drink left them in hot water.

"We were told the weather was so bad for the following day that the show would not be able to go ahead and so we got a little drunk," Jeremy told Britain's The Sun newspaper.

"We woke to discover blue skies and the show would go ahead, so James and I had to have a small injection to actually get us on stage."

It's not known what the shot was, but other people have been known to have a vitamin boost when they've had a big day ahead of them.

Although Richard wasn't mentioned in this scenario, he isn't immune to overdoing things either. Jeremy shared an anecdote involving the diminutive star, which showed he always puts his job first.

"Richard was in front of me on the stage," he said of the last time they did a London show.

"I saw his shoulders go down, I walked up to him and I went, 'Are you all right, Hammond?' and he went, 'I've been sick... but it's OK. I swallowed it,' which I think is professional. An amateur would simply vomit on the stage but what Hammond did was remarkable."

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