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Jeremy Irons 'invigorated by motorcycles'

Jeremy Irons rides his motorcycle to get "in touch with life."

The 63-year-old British actor is an avid rider.

Jeremy finds hitting the road on his bike to be an incredibly exhilarating experience.

"It's very invigorating and enlivens you in an amazing way," he told People magazine.

"You smell the air and feel the temperature. It gets you in touch with life."

Although Jeremy feels liberated when he's riding, he believes it's essential to be vigilant.

"I ride horses, and the motorbike gives you similar freedom," Jeremy explained. "You're very in touch with all your senses, and it's quite dangerous. So you have to concentrate."

Jeremy's wife of over three decades actress Sinead Cusack wasn't impressed with his hobby initially.

"She was wearing a miniskirt and high heels and we had to travel about 45 miles to get home [when I picked her up from a London train station on my first bike]," he laughed.

Jeremy celebrates his hobby wherever he can.

"We have done rides all around the world: Russia, Spain and the Emirates," he shared.

The star relishes the anonymity that his helmet provides him.

"It's a great disguise," he said. "No one can see who you are!"

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