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Jeremy Irvine recalls movie budget struggle

Jeremy Irvine has joked he was almost "forced to sell his body" to raise funds for Great Expectations.

The cast had to think about alternative measures to come up with money during filming. The British actor revealed the onset antics to Cover Media at the BFI London Film Festival's press conference ahead of the film's release.

"I was almost forced to sell my body," Jeremy laughed. "At one point I noticed I had a sign on my dressing room door offering my services for money, it said The Moroccan Film Fund - ten minutes for £10."

Also starring in the Charles Dickens adaptation is portly actor Robbie Coltrane. The Harry Potter star joked he was offered money for his services too.

"I was offered £5 for keeping my clothes on! That was the best offer I got," Robbie laughed.

Despite the budget constraints in place on the film, all the cast enjoyed making it.

Robbie explained that not even the producers knew where the funds for the film were coming from week by week. The experience united the cast, with the actor joking the set wasn't as glamorous as some of the others he's been involved with.

"It was a joy," Robbie said. "When you're making a CGI movie, you set off for your trailer for five hours and you don't see the rest of the cast for days. We were all hanging around with each other on set all day, largely because it was a great big hole on the A4 motorway. It was, it really was a great big hole on the motorway. But there was something very magical about it."

Great Expectations is set to launch in UK cinemas from the end of November.

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