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Jeremy Irvine talks diabetes

Jeremy Irvine used to fear his younger brother would be diagnosed with diabetes like him.

The British actor was diagnosed with Type 1 of the high blood sugar level condition when he was just six-years-old.

Being the oldest of three brothers Jeremy remembers how keen he was to look after himself. He also feared his younger siblings having the same illness.

"When I was eight I was on about eight injections a day, I administered them myself - I've always had a bit of a control issue there. I can eat whatever I want now, but as a child not so much," he recalled to British newspaper The Telegraph.

"I was dreading my little brother being diagnosed too. It sucks for little kids not always being able to go out and play, but he's 15 now, so maybe it's not going to happen."

Jeremy, 23, found his diabetes gave him a "tough time" at school. Because his education facility had strong military links the handsome star's initial career choice was to join the army, if only to annoy his mother.

"I never fitted in, which is what led me to acting. I was looking for something different. Then when I was 16 I went backstage at Phantom of the Opera and found people I got on with," Jeremy added. "I was trying to p**s off my mum [by wanting to join the army], anyway they wouldn't have me because I was diabetic."

Now having made it as a successful actor, starring in films such as War Horse and The Railway Man, Jeremy is grateful to have his parents' support. He even takes them to events with him.

"I take my mum to premieres. She really enjoys the parties, I always feel uncomfortable," he smiled.

"My parents do a lot of community work, it's very humbling. There's never a chance of anyone thinking I'm doing anything earth-shattering, when the others are doing genuinely good stuff."

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