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Jeremy Irvine’s bum lips

Jeremy Irvine "studied" Colin Firth’s mouth for his role in The Railway Man.

The handsome star and Colin Firth both portray British officer Eric Lomax at different times in his life in the film adaptation of Eric's same-titled autobiography The Railway Man.

In order to make their depictions of Eric similar Jeremy shared some of the humorous processes both actors went through when shooting.

"We were playing the same character so there's a lot of character stuff we worked to get in there and at the end of the day we were both gonna have to - one of us was gonna have to take some [guidance from] the other," Jeremy explained to Cover Media at the London premiere of the feature.

"Colin tried to have my blue eyes at one point and ended up looking like a vampire! I ended up having to wear contact lenses so I thought to try and take some mannerisms as well. I've got big lips that look like bum cheeks. I had to kind of do this thing [sucks lips in] quite a lot. A lot of it was about the mouth I think with Colin. The mouth of Colin Firth, you've no idea how much I've studied the mouth of Colin Firth. Haven't we all? I wouldn't say it's unpleasant."

The drama follows Eric as he is captured by the Japanese in Singapore and sent to a camp to work on the Thai-Burma Railway, during which he is tortured by a Japanese officer. Years later Eric and his wife Patti, played by Nicole Kidman, learn his torturer is still alive and Eric decides to confront him.

Even after having read the autobiography several times Jeremy still finds it hard to control his emotions.

"It's a story that I... I'd read the book well before I knew about the film. [It's] incredibly moving, even now I can't get through it without crying," he admitted.

"It's really... I recommend it to everyone. It's a true humbling experience to read the book. Movie wise, we've got some good humour in there [with] Nicole Kidman and Colin Firth."

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