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Jeremy Irvine's swingers' scare

War Horse star Jeremy Irvine has recalled when a practical joke of his backfired.

(Cover) - EN Showbiz - Actor Jeremy Irvine's swingers club prank had to come to an end as he was "s**t scared" his parents would get involved.

The handsome star's career has soared since he starred in 2011's War Horse, with films including Beyond the Reach and The Woman in Black: Angel of Death under his belt.

He wasn't always so in demand though and before making it big, Jeremy had to occupy himself in his hometown, a small village called Gamlingay, near London, UK. He admits the only way he had fun was to go out and cause trouble.

"We used to do a lot of practical jokes, but the one that really backfired happened about... four or five years ago now, where we thought we'd set up a swingers club in the village," he explained to talkshow host James Corden. "So we sneak out after dark, we get all these signs and we put signs up around the village saying, 'Gamlingay adult diners club, discreet friendly atmosphere,' and all that sort of stuff. And we'd make a little email address... and we'd leave it up overnight.

"The next day we started getting responses and this is where it starts going wrong because people are sending photos. I've grown up there, there's only 1,000 people - I know everyone. These are my friends' parents, these are my old teachers. I was so s**t scared that my own parents were going to send something that I had to take it down."

With a steady stream of work, Jeremy is keeping out of mischief and mingling with some of Hollywood's most A-list stars. He appears opposite Michael Douglas in thriller Beyond the Reach and has spoken at length of how in awe he is of the veteran actor.

He even trusted Michael enough to seek advice on how to approach his first ever sex scene.

“I had to do my first ever sex scene on this," he told earlier this year (15). "I remember knocking on Michael’s trailer and thinking if there’s anyone in the world who’d know about sex scenes it is Michael Douglas. It’s like choreographing a dance or a fight. It’s very clinical, it’s not very sexual. As long as you’ve got an actress that you can have a laugh about it with, then it’s fine.”

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