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Jeremy Piven: I leave the crazy on set

Jeremy Piven thought US President Barack Obama was "kidding" when he said Entourage was his favourite TV show.

The American actor is set to reprise his most famous role of all time, Ari Gold, in the big screen adaption of hit TV series Entourage this summer. It's an energetic part for Jeremy, who's character is known for his spontaneity and outlandish behaviour, which results in fans thinking the star is similar in real life.

"[Smashing up things], it's cathartic Jimmy, I highly suggest it for you and for everyone else," he grinned. "Never, Jimmy," he then deadpanned when talk show host Jimmy Kimmel asked if people assume he's just like his alter ego. "No, they do, it gets confusing. I think when you're in people's living rooms for eight years and you're playing a lunatic, they get confused. And then they meet me and I'm, as you know, a very calm guy. Between action and cut I just get to lose my mind. So I leave it at the office... and then I like to be a real human being."

Joining Jeremy in the film are fellow original stars Kevin Dillon, Kevin Connolly and Adrian Grenier. There's also a host of big cameos in the big screen production, including Jessica Alba, Mark Wahlberg and Emily Ratajkowski.

Quizzed on whether the rumours of US President Barack Obama making an appearance were true Jeremy had to deny them, but did reveal the politician is a fan.

"Obama is not but you know, this is a true story, he told me that it was his favourite show and I thought he was kidding, and then I talked to his head of security and it indeed was. So he was not lying," Jeremy grinned proudly.

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