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Jeremy Piven slammed by ex

Jeremy Piven isn't charming in real life, claims his ex-girlfriend Sarah Tressler.

The star of Entourage is currently gracing British TV screens in the second series of Mr Selfridge, where he plays womaniser Harry Selfridge in the tale about the famous British department store.

But his ex Sarah Tressler says his onscreen alter-ego isn't so far removed from the real man, apart from a supposed lack of charm.

"Jeremy isn't like the charming Mr Selfridge at all. He's more like Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde," Sarah alleged to British magazine Now.

Sarah began dating the 48-year-old actor after she interviewed him at a Broadway play.

At first she was flattered by the instant attention Jeremy showered her with, but after they spent their first night together he pointed her in the direction of the train station.

Despite his bluntness, she continued to date him.

"He was definitely infatuated with himself, too. He always paraded around in his Calvin Klein briefs, posing like a mannequin in a shop," she recalled.

Sarah says that Jeremy likes the affect his Hollywood status has given him and he reportedly takes full advantage of his famous credentials.

After a few dates Sarah, an arts-writer-turned-dancer, called it off when she realised he was seeing other women too.

"There's only one kind of shopping he's interested in: shopping for girls - and lots of them.

"Jeremy's not husband material. He has women throwing themselves at him and he likes that access to beautiful girls. For him, being big in Hollywood is like being Harry Selfridge in the food hall at Selfridges - you have all the best merchandise at your fingertips and you can pick what you fancy," she added.

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