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Jeremy Renner: Fatherhood's the best

Jeremy Renner says being a dad is the "best thing" he's ever done.

The 43-year-old actor and his ex-girlfriend Sonni Pacheco have little girl Ava together, who they welcomed into the world last March.

While he loves his career in the movie industry, starring in hit films such as American Hustle, Jeremy believes fatherhood tops everything.

"It's the best thing I've ever done! I like starting my day and ending my day with her. When I don't, life is quite miserable," he explained to People magazine. "I thought I like what I do for a living, but now I have this little wonderful creature, and she kind of squashes all of that. She's messed up my life in the most beautiful way possible. She takes all my love."

Alongside being a dad and acting Jeremy also has a passion for real estate, flipping properties for huge amounts of money. One home sold for $17 million more than its original purchase price.

Rather than looking at it as a money-making business, Jeremy likes the idea of giving people a blast from the past by doing up run-down homes.

"I could probably make a lot more money razing the structure and building something new," he added. "But in LA there's a lot of great architecture, especially from the 1920s. I find great homes that need some love and bring them back."

He is also currently narrating a TV series called The World Wars. This venture is particularly interesting for him as it is also educational.

"I was learning something while working. It's the kind of TV I watch, so I jumped at the chance to be involved," he said.

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