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Jerry O'Connell's turkey disaster

Jerry O'Connell wouldn't mind tucking into fast food this Thanksgiving.

The American actor and his wife will be celebrating the annual US holiday this Thursday with their five-year-old twin daughters Dolly and Charlie. While Jerry usually helms cooking duties it seems a previous incident has left Rebecca in charge of preparing this year's dinner.

“I will not be cooking the turkey anymore. I cooked one year only to realise that I left that plastic bag of guts inside of it," he recalled to People magazine.

“Yeah, Jerry pulled the giblets out and it sprung out and sliced his eye! It hit him right in the eye and he had to wear an eye patch for Thanksgiving," Rebecca added with a laugh.

“We’re trying to keep it eye patch-free this Thanksgiving."

Thanksgiving is a time when Americans show their appreciation for the harvest and celebrate the past year. After having such a hectic schedule in 2014, with both partners appearing in various TV shows, the couple are looking forward to some downtime.

“We’ve done a lot of travelling this year for work,” Rebecca said. “We’re happy to just be home with our kids.”

And it seems Jerry is so relaxed that he isn't even fussed about having a meal prepared at home.

“We might not even cook,” he quipped. “We might just pick up a turkey at [fast food joint] Koo Koo Roo.”

“No! I’m cooking,” Rebecca interrupted before her husband could make any more suggestions.

Jerry is quite the funnyman and wrote a humorous post on Twitter yesterday alongside a photo of him and his spouse holding two adorable puppies.

"@RebeccaARomijn and I are considering trading in our human children for these two," he joked.

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