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Jesse Eisenberg: My life is boring

Jesse Eisenberg’s life is “very boring” and the most excitement he gets comes from riding his bicycle.

The actor rose to prominence in 2010’s The Social Network, in which he played Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg.

He also stars in recent hit Now You See Me, where he plays a magician-come-conman, but while his characters might have a thrilling existence, the same can’t be said of Jesse.

“I lead a very boring life. The only exciting thing I do is ride my bike, terrified, between the buses on the roads,” he deadpanned to German TV channel TELE 5.

The 29-year-old has been branded rude and socially awkward in the past, due to some uncomfortable press interviews.

He has been very open about his visits to see a counsellor, which help him through everyday life.

“I’m not ready for the loony bin, but therapy helps me, because my job is very emotional. I manipulate my feelings for money and it often leaves me confused,” he admitted.

Jesse’s career is going from strength to strength since appearing in The Social Network.

While things may have worked out, he had no set idea about how to get started in Hollywood.

“It’s totally impossible to plan your career. The actor only gets introduced once the script is written and the set’s been built. It’s impossible to guess what will become of it,” he said.

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