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Jessica Alba determined to introduce Mexican culture to her daughters' lives

A good red lipstick from her Honest beauty line makes Jessica Alba feel sexy.

Jessica Alba is trying to bring her daughters' Mexican roots into family life, because they're surrounded by Hollywood pals.

The actress grew up surrounded by her family's rich heritage, but she admits it's tough reminding her daughters Honor and Haven where they came from.

"I grew up around my Mexican-American grandparents," Jessica tells Parents Latina magazine. "My grandmother was an incredibly strong woman, a great influence on me. I was also surrounded by 'tios' (uncles) and 'tias' (aunts) at a lot of family events.

"My kids don’t have same constant proximity, but I make sure they know where they came from and that they spend time with their relatives, but they’re not surrounded by it all the time. We have different cultures in the house."

But the actress insists her daughters will learn to speak Spanish.

"They know how to ask for besos (kisses) and leche (milk)! They are going to be global citizens and will need to understand many languages, including Spanish, to make a difference in the world."

Now a successful businesswoman, who runs The Honest Company, Alba is offering up advice to new mums, who want to get back to work and start their own companies.

"Don’t get overwhelmed trying to do everything at once." she says. "Lay out what you can get done now and what will take longer."

And she insists time with family and friends is also important for the modern mum: "Don’t be hard on yourself. Doing your best to be present wherever you are is what’s important. Make time to eat healthy and stay active. It’s worth it to recharge once a week: Get sleep, have a date night or girls’ night in, and drink some wine!"

And don't forget romance: "Being sexy is about confidence. So be proud of what you accomplish, be amazed at what your body can do, and give yourself props. When all else fails, put on a bright red lip!"

Jessica and her husband Cash Warren have been married since 2008.

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