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Jessica Alba: I confused my daughter

Jessica Alba's daughter Honor wondered why her mom had to be "bad" in Escape from Planet Earth.

The 32-year-old actress voices evil leader Lena Thackleman in upcoming animated movie Escape from Planet Earth. The story follows astronaut Scorch Supernova (Brendan Fraser) as he tries to escape from a 'Dark Planet', also known as earth.

When Jessica's eldest daughter Honor, who she has with husband Cash Warren, initially watched the film the youngster didn’t understand her mom's drastic change in personality.

“My daughter was three and a half when she first saw the movie and now she's five. But she was mainly really confused about why I was playing the baddie. She was like, ‘Is she evil?’ And then she said, ‘Are you?’ So I said, ‘Honor, it's just fun, it's just a movie - it's like playing dress up,’” she told MailOnline.

“But she said, ‘Why does she have to be bad? Next time, can you play the nice one?’ I couldn't really tell her that it was actually fun to play the baddie!”

Jessica joins the likes of Ricky Gervais, Sofía Vergara and Sarah Jessica Parker in lending her vocals to the adventure flick. With it being her first time working on an animated feature the stunning star found it a welcome change to the parts she usually takes on.

“I really enjoyed it actually. It was a totally foreign process for me because I didn't even see any of the other actors who were in the film and for the first couple of days of recording I didn't even know what my character looked like,” she recalled.

“It was nice to be able to just go to a studio and play around. It was really good… We all recorded our scenes separately. I often just worked with the writer who did the other voices. I had him to bounce off of but it is very different when you see the final cut to see how they interact. It was a little bit strange for sure, but that's just how they do it with the animated films.”

Jessica, who also has daughter Haven with her spouse, previously played superheroine Sue Storm in Marvel Comics movie Fantastic Four. Kate Mara was recently confirmed to take on the character in a remake of the flick and Jessica is happy with it being brought to the big screen again. She also feels her latest movie reflects the same morals seen in the action film.

“I think it's great they're doing another Fantastic Four - I love that comic book series. I think it's such a sweet story about family and camaraderie and everyone using their strengths together for the greater good,” she smiled.

“The Incredibles, which is a sort of animated version of it, is still one of my daughters' favourite movies, I think because of the universal theme, and Escape From Planet Earth is very much like that - it's about family togetherness, and putting family first, and that's why I liked it in the first place.”

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