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Jessica Alba: I drank at 11

Jessica Alba had a wild child past that included drinking alcohol and stealing the family car before she hit her teenage years.

The actress took part in an interview with her mother Cathy where the extent of her wild child past was exposed.

Jessica confessed to not only being an early starter when it came to boyfriends, but also experimenting with underage drinking behind her mother's back.

"Who was the first boy I brought over? Santino I think," Jessica recalled to ET Online.

"We accidently drank Wild Turkey. How old was I when I was with him, 11 years old, I think. Yes that's right I was in sixth grade!"

Cathy had her hands full with Jessica while she was growing up. The mother-daughter duo laughed about the times when Jessica would take the family car in pursuit of some late night munchies.

"Do you remember when I used to steal the car and go to McDonald's to get food?" Jessica pondered. "That's what we did for entertainment back then! Although I was about 12!"

Cathy joked that her naughty pre-teen daughter has developed another irritating trait as an adult. Jessica has lost more passports, credit cards and keys than anyone else she knows. Despite being a mother herself now, Jessica hasn't been able to shake off her forgetfulness.

"I realise now, as you are talking about me losing things, that I don't have my wedding rings on!" Jessica exclaimed about the missing jewellery from her marriage to Cash Warren in 2008. "And I'm hoping they are in my jewellery box Honor [her eldest child] made me."

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