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Jessica Alba: I tell kids paparazzi are silly

Jessica Alba has revealed that she calls the photographers who follow her around "silly."

The actress and mother-of-two believes she has found a way to ensure that her daughters; Honor, three, and five-month-old Haven are not freaked out by the paparazzi that are always close by.

In a new interview with Parenting magazine, the Sin City star says that she sometimes tells them little white lies as "kids don't always have to know the truth."

"When the paparazzi follow us, and [Honor] asks me what they're doing, I tell her, 'They're just taking pictures. Isn't that silly?'" she said.

"I don't want her to have anxiety, so I tell her they do that to everyone, not just our family."

Jessica also revealed that she is the main disciplinarian in the household and that her producer husband Cash Warren is a bit more lenient with their children.

"I think it's because I was kind of a naughty kid myself," she revealed. "I'd push my parents' buttons and test them to see how much I could get away with."

"I think I just know, from me being that other kind of child, how to cut off bad behaviour and redirect it.

"So when Honor tries to do something she shouldn't, I have to say to Cash, 'Let her know right from the beginning that she can't.'"

She also revealed that she was a lot more careful with her diet during her second pregnancy which helped her to snap back into shape much quicker this time around.

"I put on a lot of weight with Honor," Jessica said. "It took a long time to get back in shape."

"My husband made bacon for me every morning, and at night we ordered a minimum of five desserts."

"[But this time] I had a toddler to take care of and I was starting this business [The Honest Company], so I made healthier food choices and did prenatal yoga."

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