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Jessica Alba: I used to be selfish

Jessica Alba confessed she lived an almost completely self-centred existence before giving birth to her daughters.

The actress discussed how her life has changed since she married actor Cash Warren in 2008, the same year in which she gave birth to her first daughter Honor Marie.

Jessica claims she was a self-centred person before she became a mother, and that she has had to alter the way she thinks about life.

"Not that I used to be completely selfish, but there is certainly a selfishness that you innately have when you don't have to think about anyone but yourself," Jessica confessed to the US edition of Women's Health magazine. "But when there's someone else affected by your actions, who exists because you chose to put them here, it just makes you think twice about everything."

The star continued to reveal the extent of the selfish lifestyle she led before starting a family. It is only since the arrival of Honor Marie and her second daughter Haven Garner, who was born in 2011, that Jessica has built bridges with her parents and made genuine friendships.

"Prior to having kids, my priorities were in building my career - it was all about my career, really. It was kind of my everything. I didn't have a lot of balance. I would often not have birthdays or holidays, or spend any time, like my whole life just revolved generally around work. And now my priorities lie in my family and in my friends, and I've been able since I took some time off with my first, to cultivate relationships that I never had before, and friendships," she pondered. "I'm a better daughter now, and a better sister."

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