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Jessica Alba: I’m a prude

Jessica Alba never compromised her integrity to be a successful actress.

The 33-year-old actress has starred in some big movies during her career including Fantastic Four, Honey and Sin City, in which she played a stripper. As she resurrects the role for the sequel, it has given Jessica the chance to reflect on how she hasn’t compromised herself to get where she is.

“Sex is absolutely what helps sell this movie, which is fine with me," she told Entertainment Weekly. “[But] I never slept my way through Hollywood, so I never felt like I compromised. Apparently people do it, I didn't. I felt like I never compromised myself because I'm a prude.”

Jessica has a face and figure to die for, made even more enviable by the fact that she is a mother-of-two. But over the years, her appearance and how people perceived her has led to her being asked some inappropriate questions.

“I'm kind of a prude, and I didn't really understand. They would always ask me provocative questions about my sexuality, my this or that,” she recalled. "Sometimes I would lie and say something that wasn't true to make myself seem more interesting than I was.”

Family has always been important to Jessica, who married husband Cash Warren in May 2008. She believes that coupled with her religious upbringing is what lead to her being another wannabe Hollywood starlet on the casting couch.

“I don't know. I grew up Catholic. In my head I'm always thinking, 'Oh God, can my grandma see this?,'” she said. “I'm playing a character when people are taking pictures of me. That's what I do, but it is not who I am."

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