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Jessica Biel: I had demonic dolls

Jessica Biel used her Barbie's heads to make "demonic" Christmas lights when she was younger.

The actress admits to being a tomboy when she was growing up. Jessica wasn't into the same things as her female peers, and although she did play with dolls, she used them in a very different way.

"[The first movie I remember seeing was] The Goonies. I never identified with girls, and the cast was all boys. Girls were nervous about going into caves; they were scaredy-cats-and I wasn't into that at all. I loved the idea of being with a crew and having an adventure. I was really interested in pits full of snakes," she told the April edition of W magazine.

"I did [have Barbies] but it was always, 'Let's play sex with Barbies!' My Barbies were usually naked. Once, I took their heads off, cut their hair, drew on short, spiky hair with some markers, then stuck the heads on Christmas lights. Every year, we'd string our tree with those Barbie heads. It looked demonic. My parents were so cool - they saw it as a form of self-expression."

Jessica is starring in Total Recall alongside Kate Beckinsale, where the two are seen locking horns. The 30-year-old beauty has rebuffed claims the fighting scenes are provocative.

"Fun - so fun! Our fight scene isn't overtly sexy: just two trained fighters who happen to be women kicking the s**t out of each other. It could be two dudes, but we just happened to have long hair and boobs and other things," she laughed.

"Kate and I usually fight men in movies, and when you knock into a man, he doesn't care. But every two seconds, Kate and I were saying, 'I'm so sorry-are you OK?' We were both so nervous about fighting another woman. Which is strange, because I have no problem fighting with a guy. In truth, I like doing anything that requires breaking a sweat."

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