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Jessica Biel is survival expert

Jessica Biel feared she'd have to "get naked" with her friends when they got stranded in snow.

The actress recalled a scary incident when she was snowboarding with friends and was surprised by sudden intense snowfall that threatened to over-stretch her pals' abilities on the slopes.

Finding themselves in an out of bounds area, the brunette beauty came up with a survival plan inspired by skills passed on to her by her dad.

"I did get in a funny situation with a couple of friends last winter. We went off course into the out of bounds area, in which you're taking your own life at your own risk. It was 2.30pm, so you know the mountain's going to close and it was dumping snow and I had a skier and a snowboarder who really weren't good enough to be in the place that we were and we were freaking out," she told talk show host Jay Leno. "In my mind I was going 'OK, I'm going to have to build an igloo. What would my dad do? I've got my snowboard here, I've got the skis and the other snowboard and I'm going to build this thing. We're going to stay in there and you're going to have to warm everybody up, you're going to have to get naked with everyone It's going to be weird but we're going to do it!'"

Jessica's father used to run a survival programme for juvenile delinquents in Minnesota and greatly influenced her love of nature.

She is proud that he has helped many troubled young adults reintegrate into society.

"He ran this really specialised programme called Hoods in the Woods. So you have a choice - you can either go to juvi [juvenile detention centre] or you can go with my freaky dad and spend 30 days in the woods," she joked. "It sounds kind of creepy but apparently a lot of kids chose that option and now they can light fires with sticks he didn't even teach me that kind of stuff! He loved it because he was making a difference in their lives, putting them back in the community in a way they would have never to experience. Now they can be arsonists!"

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