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Jessica Chastain: 9/11 is close to my heart

Jessica Chastain remembers how she "huddled" around the TV at school when 9/11 took place.

The 37-year-old actress and the rest of the world remembered the tragic events which took place in New York in 2001 yesterday, which saw almost 3000 people lose their lives following the al-Qaeda terror attack.

Jessica was living in the state at the time, and also has links to the tragedy after playing CIA agent Maya in Zero Dark Thirty, documenting the real-life actions of capturing one of the terrorists behind the tragedy, Osama bin Laden.

Speaking at a screening of her new movie, The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby, the flame-haired beauty shared her memories from that day.

“I was in school with [fellow actress] Jess Weixler, actually, and we were all huddled together at Juilliard [performing arts school] watching the television,” she recalled to New York Daily News. “There was a tank on our street because Red Cross was there. It was really intense at that time. So Zero Dark Thirty was very important, very real. But it wasn’t why I have the connection to 9/11."

She continued to urge local citizens to visit the 9/11 Museum in Manhattan. The real woman behind her Zero Dark Thirty character has donated memorabilia to the facility, and Jessica also spoke of the possibility of a sequel to the feature directed by Kathryn Bigelow.

“Maybe that’s something you should suggest to her,” Jessica said about the concept of wiping out the ISIS terror network. “She could do another movie about another CIA agent and that takedown.”

Many took to social media yesterday to pay their respects, with stars such as Uzo Aduba, Hugh Jackman and Nicki Minaj posting poignant photos on Instagram.

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