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Jessica Chastain: I don't rate myself

Jessica Chastain loved her "contradiction" of a character in A Most Violent Year.

The flame-haired beauty's latest role in A Most Violent Year garnered her a nomination for the best supporting actress Golden Globe but she missed out in the same category at this year’s Oscars, with the nominations revealed earlier this week. She's thrilled to be recognised for her work, but maintains a modest outlook throughout the hype.

"It's such an honour and makes a huge difference to your career, but if I ever won an Oscar I would never think, 'I'm the best actor.' Because for so long I would be going to the one going, 'So and so was really good this year, they weren't even nominated!'" she smiled to Empire magazine.

Jessica plays Anna Morales, the onscreen wife of Oscar Isaac's immigrant alter ego Abel Morales. It was a part the actress relished as it was so powerful and dominating.

"I loved the character of Anna. She's such a contradiction: she loves being the wife of the most powerful man in the room. And she will push him and support him and be the politician's wife at [a business] dinner and love her man," she enthused. "But then, immediately afterwards, she emasculates him. It goes from, 'You are my king, you are it, babe!' to, 'What the f**k are you doing?'"

Jessica regularly talks about her determination to land important roles, being a big supporter of women's rights herself. And that means she avoids taking parts such as wives or damsels in distress.

"The difficult thing is when a female character is primarily known for her sex, and she's a seducer. Those to me are the least interesting characters. I'm more interested in playing female characters who are intelligent, and have other things to bring to the table besides their sexual attraction," she recently said.

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