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Jessica Chastain: I have no time for bullies

Jessica Chastain says Anne Hathaway is "better and bigger" than the mean things which are said about her.

The 37-year-old actress teamed up with Anne Hathaway for last year's smash hit Interstellar, which was directed by Christopher Nolan. Anne has her fair share of critics and during a press conference for the flick in London, UK, the stars - also including Matthew McConaughey - were quizzed on what working with her was like as there are some negative rumours about her. Jessica was incensed by the line of questioning.

"I just could not believe that journalist asked that question. I thought it was so tacky. I was really surprised someone would do that at a press conference," she told British magazine Glamour.

"I don't like bullying. I find it the most distasteful, cruel, crude behaviour there is. I felt it when it happened with Anne. She's so much better and bigger than all of that and an incredible person."

Jessica is a big supporter of women's rights, and that plays into the movie roles she takes. She has no interest in playing the part of someone's wife and there are other things which don't get her juices flowing too.

"The difficult thing is when a female character is primarily known for her sex, and she's a seducer," she explained. "Those to me are the least interesting characters. I'm more interested in playing female characters who are intelligent, and have other things to bring to the table besides their sexual attraction."

That means her characters tend to be multi-faceted, so a lot goes into playing them. Jessica is always a fan of directors who give her a lot of feedback and has no problem hearing where she could improve - even though people don't always want to tell her that.

"If someone comes up to me and says, 'Good job,' I'm kind of like, 'Tell me, what else, what else?' I crave critique in that way," she said.

The actress' role in A Most Violent Year has seen her nominated for the best supporting actress Golden Globe and led to Oscars buzz too. It's the story of an immigrant in New York who wants to protect his family and while the praise is nice, it's not something which Jessica ever pays any attention to.

"I don't focus on it. We [actors] have no control over how a film is released, how it's edited, or how the audience responds to it. The only thing I can ask myself is, 'When I leave the production of this film, am I walking away having gained something in my life?'" she said.

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