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Jessica Chastain: I've never had a hangover

Jessica Chastain has never "been wasted" as she puts her career before her social life.

The 35-year-old actress has always been serious about her profession. Jessica grew up dreaming of making it as an actress and when she won a place at private theatre college Juilliard conservatory in New York City, she was determined to make the most of the opportunity. She sacrificed a social life and put everything she had into studying acting.

"There was a bar called Malarkeys that almost everyone would go to. I probably went twice in three years. In fact, I've never really been wasted," she told the latest issue of British magazine GQ. "I've been drunk but only because I'm such a lightweight when it comes to drinking - one glass and I'm wobbly. But I've never had the hangover that people talk about; you know, when you wake up and your head hurts and your body aches."

Jessica was terrified of being kicked out of her acting classes. The school was strict on students and she didn't want to risk jeopardising her place there.

"I'm not a fun person. Not back then anyway. I had wanted to be an actor my whole life and when I was at Juilliard they had a cutting policy," she explained. "Even if you showed up to all your classes if the teachers thought you weren't good enough they could still cut you. I just wasn't going to let them send me home."

The actress has established herself as one of the brightest stars in Hollywood, following roles in The Help, Three of Life and Lawless. Jessica takes her career very seriously and has no plans to start partying and hitting the headlines now.

She claims that focusing on her work and staying out of the spotlight means very few people realise who she is.

"I hardly ever get recognised," she claimed. "I can go outside and walk around for ten minutes. Trust me - no one will run up begging for an autograph. I don't consider myself any kind of star. I'm certainly not the sort of actress to fall out of a club at 2am with no knickers on."

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