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Jessica Chastain reveals the perils of red carpet preparation

Jessica Chastain gets sick of being asked if she is pregnant.

Actress Jessica Chastain practically has to levitate in the back of the car when she's on her way to a big awards ceremony.

The Zero Dark Thirty star has won her fair share of awards during her career, which means a lot of red carpet appearances in beautiful gowns.

But while the whole process looks glamorous, the 39-year-old admits the reality is somewhat different.

“I love fashion, but it’s like a whole other industry," she told Britain's The Guardian newspaper. "You have to lie down in the car because you don’t want to wrinkle the dress, so you’re in an SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle)– we don’t actually take limos – and you’ve got to put the seat all the way back, but then you can’t mess up your hair, and if you’re wearing a backless dress, it’s going to give you those weird lines on your back. So, actually, we’re all arriving like this.”

The star preceded to demonstrate to the journalist her position at that point, which consists of leaning back and sticking all her limbs straight out in front, with only her bum on the seat.

Once she's on the red carpet, the trials and tribulations don't end there.

“Then I forget to stand up straight on the red carpet, and every time I slouch... How many times does my publicist get those messages? ‘Oh, yeah, they’re wondering if you’re pregnant?’" she added. "No. I just stood like a normal person."

Jessica also took the opportunity to address the prejudice actresses in Hollywood face, using her supposed feud with fellow Oscar nominee Jennifer Lawrence, 25, as an example.

"I remember reading this article that talked about the ‘fight’ between me and Jennifer Lawrence, how we were rivals because we were up for the same Oscar (for Zero Dark Thirty and Silver Linings Playbook, respectively)" she said. "They never say that when men are nominated in a category. So I went on my Facebook and said it wasn’t true, because I thought, I’m not standing for this any more; because that being out there tells women that other women are not supportive. It’s this long fairytale that women don’t get along. But we’re changing that.”

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