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Jessica Chastain shocked by success

Jessica Chastain has joked she's as successful as a "porn" actress.

The 30-year-old actress has a formidable resume and is preparing for five releases in 2012.

Jessica is shocked by how fast her career has skyrocketed.

"Usually an actor has to work in the porn industry to have that kind of success," Jessica joked to USA Today. "I was excited that my films would finally see the light of day and people would see them. But I never imagined that such nice things would be said about a lot of my films."

Jessica's new life as a superstar is drastically different from what she experienced as a youth.

"I grew up poor. I still drive my old car. It takes me a long time to make a big purchase," Jessica explained. "[My mom] was the opposite of a stage mum. She was never going to take me to LA to do commercials."

Jessica feels like a normal woman. She is happy to have achieved so much success by being her authentic self.

"No one ever recognises me. I'm not the girl that wiggles when I walk. I've never done that. I've never been like that girl - the bombshell," Jessica said. "This is a business that in the beginning does not perhaps celebrate that I look different. It takes someone to say, 'Oh, this person is interesting because they don't look like everyone else, and that's special.'"

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