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Jessica Lange’s ‘insane’ toy doll

Jessica Lange says having a doll of her American Horror Story: Coven character is “nuts”.

The two-time Oscar nominee has received critical acclaim for her roles in hit TV show American Horror Story. And while Jessica is thrilled to have become so well-known for her on-screen alter egos, she says some aspects of the fame is harder to deal with than others.

Asked if she had seen the toy figurine of herself as Fiona Goode from American Horror Story: Coven, Jessica replied to E! Online: “Oh my god. No! Are you serious? That's just insane…Yeah, I don't think there was a Frances Farmer action figure, or a Blanche DuBois action figure. No, I hadn't heard that. That's kind of nuts."

In American Horror Story: Freak Show, Jessica stars as Elsa, who is the owner of one of the last remaining freak shows in the US.

And while previous series of the show have seen her take on different roles, Jessica says playing Elsa has been one of the most enjoyable for her.

“It’s great to play a character in conflict,” Jessica said. “You can shift so many times within a scene, sometimes within a line. So it's not straightforward ever. It's not like a straight line. It's not linear. It always has these twists and turns to it. As an actor it's so much more interesting to play that than something of singular movement.

“It's just been great. It's been a huge character and I love playing her.”

But it isn’t just Jessica’s character that has become more three-dimensional for the new series.

The 65-year-old insists the season, which is now up to its fifth episode, is more exciting and in depth that previous series.

“The characters, I think, are far more interesting, the story...It just feels so much more cinematic, so much more literary,” she said. “It has a weight to it that we surely didn't have last year. To me this is kind of the biggest and the best of our seasons so far.”

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