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Jessica Simpson has 'labour fears'

Jessica Simpson reportedly fears that she will "be all alone" when she gives birth.

The superstar and her fiancé Eric Johnson are expecting their first child together.

Jessica, who is thought to be giving birth through caesarean section in April, is frightened about having the baby.

"Her big fear is that [Eric] will not be there for her when the baby's coming," a source told OK! magazine. "Jessica really fears she will be going into labour and be all alone. It's a really hard time for her because here she is in her last trimester, and she's always imagined that having a baby would be the happiest day of her life. But now she worries."

Jessica is excitable at the moment and many things are stirring her anxiety.

"She's in an emotional state right now, to say the least," the source continued. "Her hormones are all over the place so it's understandable that she's panicking. She's very needy right now. She's in an emotional tailspin."

Although Jessica may be worried, but friends and family believe that Eric will be by Jessica's side when the baby comes.

"Eric will be there and her family really believes in him," the source said. "But calming Jess down is very difficult right now because she's understandably scared and in pain. Everyone is pulling for her and looking forward to when she calms down after the birth."

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