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Jessie J: I need a macho man

Jessie J needs a man who can cope with her being a strong woman.

The 26-year-old star recently confirmed her romance with musician Luke James, posting a cute photo on Instagram describing him as her "man" and "crush".

She previously came out as a bisexual but dismissed the status earlier this year, insisting it was just a "phase" and she is exclusively attracted to men. Now she has opened up about the type of male she goes for.

"With men, you have to filter out the scared ones and find someone who can handle a strong woman," she grinned to British magazine Closer.

"My mum and dad are a great example. My mum, Rose, is a very sexy, independent and strong woman. My dad [Stephen] has always been able to handle her - that's what I'm used to and have always wanted for myself."

Any guy who holds the qualities of her dad - loving, funny and caring - will win her heart.

Jessie may be loved up at the moment but that's not to say she's ready to settle down. She's had a great year on the music front, with her third album Sweet Talker taking the charts by storm and her collaboration with Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj, Bang Bang, becoming one of the hottest tracks of 2014.

"I'm young and I want to really live these years and focus on my music," she added. "I definitely dream of becoming a mum some day; I feel like one of the reasons I'm on earth is to be a mum."

This isn't the first time Jessie has spoken about her desire to have kids. In the last month she has admitted to feeling "broody" several times, so it won't be a surprise when she does eventually start a family.

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