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Jessie J: I'm a big pretender

Jessie J and Adele didn’t have popstar personas when studying at a prestigious British stage school.

As well as her singing abilities, Jessie claims to be a good actor. As a teen, the British star attended The BRIT School, a performing arts college in London, UK, that also saw the likes of Adele, Amy Winehouse and Leona Lewis pass through its doors.

However, Jessie admits it wasn’t like they were all standing around plotting to be famous, rather just trying to learn their craft as normal teenagers.

“I’ve got to act every day. Sometimes I think someone’s an absolute f**ker but I have to pretend I like them,” Jessie giggled to Q magazine.

“The Brit School wasn’t like Fame at all. People go, ‘Oh my God, you were there with Adele!’ But she wasn’t Adele and I wasn’t Jessie J then. It wasn’t like we were making memories to answer interview questions. It was like a normal school, but with a lot of kids who wanted to be something.”

Jessie burst on to the music scene with her 2011 track Do It Like A Dude and is now one of the most respected singers in the industry.

Before fronting her own tracks, the 26-year-old was writing hit songs for other artists - something she’s still keen to do.

“There’s some stuff I wrote with Pharrell Williams that could go to a big artist. I really love this song, but I didn’t want to give it to myself. The song everyone thinks I should have kept was Party in the U.S.A., but if I’d put that out it wouldn’t have been as big, so I feel like it was a good thing Miley Cyrus had that.

“I used to try to get into people’s mind set when I was writing for them, but it would end up sounding like a song for Björk rather than Jennifer Hudson! I realised you just have to relax and let it happen,” she revealed.

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