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Jessie J 'told to hide sexuality'

Jessie J was advised by record industry executives to hide her true sexuality, according to a revealing new book.

The unauthorised biography claims that the singer knows and is comfortable with who she is but has been told to be less open about it to please all of her fans.

Author Chloe Govan writes in Jessie J: Who's Laughing Now that The Voice judge did what was recommended because she didn't want to lose her record deal, according to Britain's The Sun newspaper.

"Jessie might have been with boys in the past - but she is 100 percent gay," the tome alleges. "Jessie was openly lesbian and didn't hide it."

"She was advised not to come out though. Certain people thought being bi was trendy, exotic and a fashion statement. It would increase her allure.

"Being gay would alienate people. They knew how important image was and asked her to tone it down a bit.

"There are so many homophobes out and there were fears of a career-damaging backlash."

Jessie has admitted having a crush on Rihanna and was reported "incensed" at having to live a lie.

"If I meet someone and I like them, I don't care if they're a boy or a girl," she said recently.

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