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Jewel: My child will be equipped for life

Jewel is committed to equipping her 22-month-old son Kase with the tools he needs to be successful as an adult as she doesn’t want to raise a “spoiled” rich kid.

The 39-year-old folk singer shares 22-month-old Kase with her professional cowboy husband Ty Murray.

Jewel is aware her son is privileged, but she doesn’t want him to be out of touch with the working world.

“I don’t know of a lot of spoiled, wealthy kids who turned out well-equipped for life. I look at our son as a little gift we get to take care of until he’s 18-years-old and starts life on his own,” she told Sweden With Love. “I want him to be able to take care of himself and live a happy and rewarding life, so I think spoiling him would be doing him a disservice.”

The family lives together on a ranch in Texas.

She hopes getting Kase involved with farm work will get him to see the value in labour.

“We try to do our best and teach him that he can earn things by helping out. We’re very conscious about it,” Jewel explained. “He gets to learn how to take care of and love the animals. He’s still very little, but he loves sitting on the tractor and help feeds the cows. He’s a wonderful little boy, and I’m so grateful he can grow up in such a beautiful place.”

Jewel is considering having another child.

She believes a sibling would benefit Kase.

“I was getting acupuncture recently and the acupuncturist said, ‘You need one more!’” Jewel said.

“You always hear the first child is for you and the second child is for your first child. I’m very happy with one, but we’ll see!”

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