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Jim Carrey: I track daughter on Twitter

Jim Carrey loves to connect with fans through social media.

The American actor has 27-year-old Jane with his ex-wife Melissa Womer, who he divorced in 1995. He is an avid user of Twitter but despite regularly interacting with fans, he only follows one person on the social media site.

"That's my daughter. Yeah, just keeping tabs on her," he quipped to the BBC Radio 1 breakfast show, before being asking what his pal and fellow actor Jeff Daniels would have to do to get a follow. "Uhh... gee, what would he have to do... I just don't want my life to be very complex, so I don't think it's possible. I like to talk back to people a lot on Twitter. I like to connect with people and when somebody in Portugal says hello I go, 'Hi Portugal!' I like it, it's cool."

Jeff, on the other hand, isn't so fond of the network. He has 270,000 avid supporters on there but doesn't pay much attention to their comments and queries.

"I follow a whole bunch of people but I never answer them. I don't ever respond, nor do I look at anything they're saying. For me it's just a poor man's fan club. Here's a little something for ya, try to eat it up... But no, it's a scary thing. I couldn't care less about other people," he deadpanned.

The duo are currently promoting their funny flick Dumb and Dumber To, a sequel to the 1994 original. They return as dimwits Harry and Lloyd , who set out on an adventure to find Harry's long lost daughter. Loyal fans of the franchise are delighted by their return, and the comeback of the iconic dog car.

"It's honestly like they're not us anymore... [Dumb and Dumber] is on a loop in my house. It's fantastic, on every television. Actually that's what I'm getting from a lot of people on Twitter, they like watching the old movie the night before they go see the new film, it's kind of a little party. It reminds them of all the insanity," Jim joked. "[The dog car is] a piece of c**p, it really is. Even at the premiere we drove up on the red carpet and I had to hold the passenger door shut. It's true. 'Cos if I closed it I wouldn't have gotten out."

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