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JLaw: I miss friendships

Jennifer Lawrence has to "sacrifice" her relationships with loved ones while shooting her movies.

The American actress shot to stardom worldwide after starring in hit films The Hunger Games and Silver Linings Playbook.

Even though she loves her job, Jennifer's buzzing film career comes at a price as she is constantly away from her loved ones during filming.

"There are obviously sacrifices with any job, but with this particular one, you're in a long-distance relationship with pretty much everybody in your life - your family, your friends," she explained to British magazine Look. "It's kind of hard to keep things consistent; you make your home wherever you're going. It's very hard sometimes, it's a very lonely life, but at the same time the film crew becomes your family."

Jennifer is known for her modest outlook on life and has managed to remain grounded since finding fame. When going about her day-to-day life the 23-year-old actress tries to avoid the attention surrounding her every move.

"I think I'm just more comfortable with people who know me, like my close friends and family. I don't ever walk around feeling famous - I walk around feeling the same way I have for my entire life," she admitted.

"So it's only when I talk to somebody and see it in their eyes that I feel different. I go to parties with my friends, where everything is normal. It takes me time to get comfortable with strangers."

While her acting abilities have won her an Oscar Jennifer isn't as talented in other areas. She is particularly clumsy in certain situations.

"I suck at parallel parking, and walking up stairs quickly. I always fall every time I walk up stairs - as you've seen!" she laughed, referring to her tumble at the Academy Awards earlier this year.

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