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J-Law's pap cure

Jennifer Lawrence has recalled how her friends came to her rescue after she was mobbed by paparazzi.

The 23-year-old actress soared to fame after landing a role in popular franchise The Hunger Games.

Although she gained an Oscar nomination for her 2010 movie Winter's Bone it was only after the first fantasy film was released last year that she was thrown into the spotlight.

Recalling one bizarre occasion, Jennifer shared how her pals teamed up to help her unwind.

"The day the first Hunger Games came out was a kind of bizarre day for me because I wasn't famous 24 hours earlier and I got up to go about my day as usual and went to the grocery store. All of a sudden there were like 25 paparazzi following me and there was a three-car pileup," she recalled to

"I was really terrified and I went home and locked myself in the house. I couldn't really process anything. Then my doorbell rang and all of my friends were there with wine and vodka and the things I needed. They came in and we all just kind of watched TV and had a normal day, so that was nice."

Jennifer currently lives in a rented two-bedroom in Los Angeles where she has resided ever since her Academy Award nomination in 2010. In everyday life the blonde star still struggles to come to terms with the constant attention that surrounds her every move.

"Because I feel normal I expect to be treated normally and I'm trying to be being patient with the fact that that's not exactly how everybody else feels. When I'm at the dentist getting my teeth cleaned people are standing looking through the door. And I'm like, 'What would you do if someone was staring at you while you were getting your teeth cleaned?'" she sighed.

"So it's a work in progress. When I meet young fans I understand them because I was like that too, but it's the real life day-to-day run-ins with people who sometimes don't really know how to act that make me feel weird, and I don't like it."

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