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Wednesday 1 April 2015

Jo Brand won't be in US Getting On

Jo Brand doesn't want to be in the US version of Getting On
Jo Brand doesn't want to be in the US version of Getting On

Jo Brand is happy for her Getting On co-stars to appear in the US version of the show - but she won't be joining them.

The comedian, who co-wrote and starred in the black comedy set in a hospital ward, said there's a chance it'll be made into a US version.

She said: "There has been interest from the States, but I'm not sure what stage it's at at the moment. I think it's at that 'let's have a meeting with lots of very keen American people' stage."

She went on: "Personally I've not been to the States and I've not had any wish to, so it's not my major ambition, but I think Vicki (Pepperdine) and Jo (Scanlan) would probably be quite keen to go. I might let them go and I'll just stay at home and hold the fort!"

The BBC Four comedy, directed by The Thick Of It actor Peter Capaldi, has been commissioned for another six-part series, which Jo is currently writing with her co-stars.

She said: "We're really, really pleased about but there's constant pressure. When you start off there's pressure to actually come up with the goods and be funny, but as you move on a bit there's even more pressure to maintain a certain standard.

"It makes you understand why, for example, there were only 12 episodes of Fawlty Towers, because when something is as supremely brilliant as Fawlty Towers, there's obviously the fear that you can't live up to it in the next series. So I understand that, and I understand Ricky Gervais not doing any more episodes of The Office as well."

:: Jo Brand's Big Splash, in which she explores all things watery, can be seen on Dave from September 22.

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